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When you choose Country Lane CBD, you are entrusting us with your health and wellbeing – and that of your family. That’s a responsibility we take to heart as we produce our pure CBD oil products. 

The processes we follow and the ingredients we use are held to the highest standards: our family’s. We only make products that we want to use and that we feel comfortable sharing with our children, family, and friends.

So with Country Lane CBD, you can trust you are getting an effective product that is 100% natural, full of simple, high-quality ingredients, including pure CBD oil, at an affordable price.

CBD Oil and CBD Goat Milk Lotion - Country Lane CBD
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All Natural CBD

Country Lane CBD products are made with CBD from organically farmed, Oregon-grown, locally processed hemp — on our very own 40-acre farm.

Our products:

  • Offer effective amounts of high-quality CBD (up to twice the amount you’ll find in other companies’ products)
  • Include simple, high-quality, 100% natural ingredients (never any hidden toxins)
  • Offer excellent CBD absorption and utilization by your body
  • Are third-party accredited lab-tested for potency, heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and microbials

CBD At A Better Price

When we started researching CBD options, the results were disappointing. The prices were high and the quality was low. With our extensive knowledge and passion for producing high-quality, natural products, we knew we could do better.

So we set to work growing the highest-quality, organic hemp, right here on our 40-acre farm in Central Oregon. Processing the entire hemp plant produces rich, pure CBD oil, which we combine with high-quality, all-natural carrier oils and other nutrient-packed ingredients. And then we deliver it to our customers at an affordable price so everyone can access the benefits of CBD – even on a budget.

Processing CBD products - Country Lane CBD

A Passion for CBD– Not Profits

We have always had a passion for helping people with highly effective, high-quality, all-natural products. Our son’s struggle with eczema led us to begin making our own natural goat milk soap. That labor of love has grown into a thriving business serving many loyal customers.

When we first learned about CBD, we were fascinated by the potential of its amazing properties, and we decided it was a natural evolution of our business. We believe in the healing power of CBD, and we want to make those benefits accessible to as many people as possible.

CBD Integrity

At Country Lane CBD, we are an original manufacturer – not a “white label” that just brands a product produced by someone else. That means we control the integrity of our product throughout the entire process, from selecting the seeds to stamping the box. (And it’s a family affair we love sharing with our kids!)

Along the way, everything is rigorously researched, carefully selected, and completely transparent. So by the time our product ends up in your home, you know you have a high-quality, all-natural product you can feel good about giving to yourself and your family.

CBD Oil and CBD Goat Milk Lotion - Country Lane CBD

New To CBD? Check Out Our Q&As

If you are considering trying CBD, you probably have some questions. And that’s great! Absolutely everything we put in or on our bodies impacts us, either negatively or positively, so it’s important to research and understand a product before using it. To give you a hand, we’ve compiled some answers to common CBD questions.