A Passion for Pure CBD Products

Our Journey To Country Lane

We have always had a passion for helping people with highly effective, high-quality, all-natural products (like pure CBD!) at an affordable price. Several years ago, when our son struggled with eczema that expensive, toxin-filled medications and store-bought products didn’t touch, we began making our own natural goat milk soap, and Bend Soap Company was born.


The Beginning: Bend Soap Company

Our experience with store-bought and pharmaceutical “solutions” for eczema opened our eyes to the fact that many products we put on ourselves and our children are packed with harmful chemicals. These toxins go directly into the bloodstream when absorbed by the skin – our body’s largest organ – creating the potential for significant, long-term health problems.

We found that our all-natural goat milk soap, made with milk from our own goats and our neighbors’ farms, not only helped our son’s eczema clear up – but the rest of our family began seeing benefits as well. 

Excited by the results, we began sharing our soap with friends, family, and acquaintances – and the word spread. Fast-forward a few years and Bend Soap Company is a thriving business, blessed with loyal customers who love our full line of natural goat milk soap, bath, lotion, sugar scrubs, lip butter, salves, and natural deodorant.

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CBD plant - Country Lane CBD

Discovering The Healing Properties Of Pure CBD

As a family of entrepreneurs, we don’t sit still for long though. We have a heart for health and are continually looking for more ways to help more people with our products. So when we first learned about CBD, and started hearing stories about how it was helping people, we were fascinated by the potential of its amazing properties.

 We also began experiencing the benefits of CBD firsthand. Once, after a long day in the field, Dwight’s legs were so sore, he could barely straighten them. The pain began to subside immediately as he massaged some CBD cream onto the muscles – and the relief lasted until the next day. CBD lotion has also transformed restless nights into nights of deep, restorative rest for both us and our kids.

We began a multi-year, deep dive into what CBD is, how it works in the body, how it’s produced, and how it could benefit our customers. Excited by the wide range of benefits CBD offers for enhancing overall wellness, we decided it was a natural evolution of our business.

But When We Started Researching CBD Options, The Results Were Disappointing

In many cases, the prices were high and the quality was low: Hemp grown in contaminated soil. Products with ineffectively low amounts of CBD. Harmful additional ingredients that counteracted the health benefits of CBD. And inflated prices.

We Knew We Could Do Better

With our passion for helping people combined with our extensive knowledge of producing high-quality, all-natural products, we knew we could do better. We knew we could deliver the power of CBD – done right. Organic, pure CBD. Simple ingredients you can read and understand. No dyes, no fragrances, no fillers. And at a price people can afford.

That journey brought us to Country Lane.

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Integrity From Start To Finish

Understanding how many other companies produce CBD products, we knew we wanted to be an original manufacturer – not a “white label” that just brands a product produced by someone else.

We wanted to control the integrity of our product throughout the entire process: Selecting the hemp seeds. Testing the soil. Monitoring the nutrients. Planting the seeds. Pulling the weeds. Harvesting by hand. Drying the hemp. Processing the CBD. Selecting the ingredients. Packaging the product. Delivering to customers.

Location, Location, Location

We had just the place to do it: our pristine, 40-acre, family farm in beautiful Central Oregon – a location known for producing healthy, vibrant plants, thanks to our abundant sunshine, dry weather, and clean water.

During the 20 years we have owned our farm, we have faithfully protected the purity of our soil, keeping it free of contaminants like pesticides, herbicides, and other toxic chemicals. This is especially critical when growing hemp plants, which pull toxins out of the soil. Hemp that is grown in contaminated soil actually becomes a biohazard – not something that should be used to make CBD (but unfortunately is, by some companies).

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The Art Of Growing Exceptional Hemp

The purity of our soil combined with our organic farming protocols yields an exceptional hemp harvest. Our seeds get their start in the greenhouse, where temperature and sunshine are carefully monitored before the young seedlings are moved into the fields.

Throughout the summer, we take care of watering, fertilizing, and weeding as the Central Oregon sun shines down. A special organic fertilizer is given to the plants at just the right times to help them produce just the right amount of leaves vs. buds. (Too tall or too fat of a plant could mean the difference between a healthy amount of CBD and a small amount. It’s quite an art!) 

The hemp is tested and hand-harvested at just the right times to ensure the optimal amount of nutrients. The plants dry quickly and thoroughly in the Central Oregon heat and sunshine. We then work with a local processor to turn the hemp biomass into liquid CBD distillate. The entire plant is processed, resulting in rich, all-natural, pure CBD – with massive benefits.

Ingredients With A Purpose

We combine effective levels of our high-potency CBD with high-quality, all-natural carrier oils and other nutrition-packed ingredients – like goat milk, shea butter, aloe, whole oats, honey, and organic MCT coconut oil. 

Some products are blended with essential oils, like lavender, eucalyptus, and spearmint, each chosen for their specific health-enhancing properties. Others are unscented, specifically formulated for people with sensitive skin. 

Finally, we deliver our CBD products to our customers at an affordable price so everyone can access the benefits of CBD – even on a budget.

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Country Lane CBD Gel on hands

Delivering The Power of CBD – Done Right

Along the way, everything is rigorously researched, carefully selected, and completely transparent. So by the time our product ends up in your home, you know you have a high-quality, all-natural product you can feel good about giving to yourself and your family.

We’ve seen how CBD can help people, we know the integrity and quality of our product, and we are ecstatic to share it so that our customers can feel the power of CBD – done right.

What Gets Us Up In The Morning

(Other than our kids!)

To make truly natural and effective CBD products at reasonable prices.

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